Taichi and Wing-Tsun classes

at Hotel Pinomar with Alejandro Ríos

Taichi and Wing-Tsun classes

What it is and what is Tai Chi for?

Tai Chi Chuan, whose translation would be supreme boxing or supreme ultimate boxing mind is a system of techniques originating from Wu Shu (Chinese martial arts). Tai Chi Chuan has the peculiarity of combining the mind, breathing and body in perfect harmony that balances energy and promotes optimal health.

It is a system that contains aspects of health, martial arts and meditation unlike most other disciplines that emphasize some particular facet. The practice of Tai Chi Chuan in its aspect of health and meditation, is a gentle exercise and meditation in motion through the forms of Tai Chi, additional exercises of Chi Kung (Qi Gong) and meditations in static positions and a knowledge of the human body through the prism of Eastern bioenergetic medicine; providing students with tools to improve their quality of life. Tai Chi in the aspect of internal martial art developed by martial exercises like the Tui shous (pushed hands), and forms of hand combat and weapons (sword and fan).

We impart Tai Chi – Chen Style – in line on the Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei and modern Tai Chi.


Alejandro Ríos

5th Duan Tai Ji and entitled as teacher of Tai Chi by Master Fumin Wang Guo; his main teacher for 10 years. He has also received teaching of Master Xu Hao and Zhang Fang. He is currently studyding Tai Chi – Chen Style (Line of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei) of the Master’s hand Arlandis Pepe Ivars. 1st Dan Wu Shu (Tai Chi mode) awarded by the Higher Sports Council, 1st Dan Taekwondo W.T.F. Title Monitor Wing Tsun Kung Fu E.W.T.O.


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Email: alejandrorios.mtc@gmail.com

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