D’Sherry Explorers

Edu, nuestra mascota

Edu, nuestra mascota

We are aware of the great treasure that our zone offers, Sherry wines, and do not want to lose the opportunity to make them known to all our customers. For this, Hotel Pinomar and wine tasting company Discoversherry have created “D’Sherry Explorers”.

D’Sherry Explorers is a group of tireless explorers passionate about the world of Wine, Brandy of Jerez and Manzanilla Sanlúcar.

To keep learning about this fascinating world we organize many interesting, educational, exciting and fun activities. We visited wineries, museums, archaeological sites or places of interest related to our wines. Always in the hands of experts. We attend events such as Vinoble, GastroCádiz, Jerez Cup, Wine Days, etc. We visit vineyards and we harvest!

Hotel Pinomar is the base camp of Sherry Explorers where we meet once a month inviting experts from the food and wine world exhibiting interesting topics in different formats such as lectures, presentations or tastings.

In addition, for each meeting, we created a package with accommodations and special prices that we periodically announce on our website.

If you want to be an explorer of sherry you’ll only have to make an oath (very serious) with a pith helmet, one venencia and a glass of sherry in one of our meetings. Thus you can opt for discounts on activities.

To know more about us you can visit the blog of Hotel Pinomar or the website www.discoversherry.com. You can also follow all the activities on our Facebook page of the Sherry Explorers.


Posted by Dospel & GanjaParker