Aqua Zumba

at Hotel Pinomar with Ingrid Miller

Aqua Zumba at Hotel Pinomar

Ideal for

Those who want to take a swim and add aquatic exercise with a lot of energy and low impact their fitness routines.

How does it work

Aqua Zumba® combines the philosophy of Zumba with the resistance of the water, to a water feast that no one should miss.


During an Aqua Zumba® class there is less impact on the joints, so you can really let go. The water creates a natural resistance, so that each step requires you more and help you to tone the muscles.


Coordinator of the Dance and Friends Association where members enjoy dancing for exercise and being able to lead a healthier life. Zumba instructor and ratified in Aqua Zumba.


Phone: 600 061 890


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